Vinyl Lounge

If Gypsy Sally’s music room is focused on the present (with occasional glimpses into the future), then the Vinyl Lounge is a fond nod to the past.  With its warm red tones, comfy stools, and inspired repurposing of records, the lounge is the perfect spot to wax poetic about the good ol’ days of vinyl.

The Vinyl Lounge is a separate “no cover” performance space which has its own entrance behind the building on 34th St.  Once inside its nostalgic naugahyde environs you can enjoy a full menu and bar while listening to a band or rediscovering the warmth and fullness of a vinyl recording.  Before, in between, and after sets by performer the Vinyl Lounge plays albums and CD’s from the Allman Brothers to Frank Zappa in their entirety.  Patrons are always encouraged to bring in their own vinyl and give it a spin on our turntables (impress David enough with your excellent taste in Vinyl and he will buy you a drink!).

Anything we can do to spread the simple joy of listening to and talking about music, we are going to try.

How can you play in the Vinyl Lounge at Gypsy Sally’s?   The Vinyl Lounge hosts live local, regional and national acts every Wednesday through Saturday weekly.   We often book an early show and a late show.  Many of artists are traveling through our region from the music hot spots of Nashville, Asheville, Austin, Athens and NYC.

If you want to perform in our Vinyl Lounge, please send your press kit (including a demo CD) to  We must receive your demo CD in order to be considered for our Vinyl Lounge.  We just can’t process all requests without being able to listen to your work.

Since the Vinyl Lounge offers unticketed free shows, we suggest that you be able to promote your show.  You can do that through social media, posters, email blasts, street team, etc.   If you want to play here, and we’d love to have you, then it’s up to you to make it happen.  Of course, we will put your show on our website and include it in our weekly email blasts.

Vinyl Lounge Technical Specs:

For a description of our Technical Specs, please click here:  Vinyl Lounge Technical Specs.

Private Events in our Vinyl Lounge:  The Vinyl Lounge and attached Microbus Gallery are available for private events as well as hosting Open Mics and Music Showcases.

Hours:  The Vinyl Lounge is open Tuesday through Saturday and is open on Sunday and Monday whenever there is music scheduled in the main room.



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