Hoots & Hellmouth – Tickets – Gypsy Sally’s – Washington, DC – July 21st, 2017

Hoots & Hellmouth

Gypsy Sally's Presents

Hoots & Hellmouth

Devon Gilfillian, LuxDeluxe

Fri, July 21, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

Advance $12/ Day of Show $15 + Fees

This event is 21 and over

Hoots & Hellmouth
Hoots & Hellmouth
IN THE TREES is an album that feels like an expedition. Through dark tangles of thickets and underbrush, a path winds its way through the density of lived life, finally opening up into a sun-drenched field in which to stretch out, breathe deep, and reflect on the journey...weary travelers dressing wounds while wistfully
recalling tales of courage and self-doubt, love and longing.

Our fourth album began to take shape over two years ago in a transformed silversmith mill in the little Philadelphia suburb of Clifton Heights, PA. Mt Slippery, as it is currently known, is home-base for our homies Dr Dog. We assembled with engineer Nathan Sabatino (Dr Dog, Floating Action, Birdie Busch, etc) and over the course of a couple weeks proceeded to coax these songs out of the ether using all manner of instrumentation. The now-classic
acoustic H&H sound is certainly present, but as with each record previous, IN THE TREES pushes the band beyond the borders of what came before. It’s a natural progression, an obvious evolution. Sparking electric tones set old wood aflame. These songs burn with it. These songs. While not written around a premeditated theme, each star in this album’s constellation seems to gather about the axis of the sacred and profane. An omnipresent sensitivity to spirit gives way on more than one occasion to full-blown physical freak-out. For every blissfully still moment of
somber reflection there exists an equal and opposite reaction of explosive self-indulgence. This record represents feast and famine.
Devon Gilfillian
Devon Gilfillian
Devon Gilfillian fires twin barrels of gospel-blues and southern soul on his debut EP. Fueled by groove, guitar, and the powerful punch of Gilfillian's voice, the songs shine a light on a young songwriter who grew up outside of Philadelphia, absorbing everything from the R&B swagger of Al Green and Ray Charles to the rock & roll heroics of Jimi Hendrix. Now based in Nashville, Gilfillian puts a personalized stamp on those childhood influences, rolling them into five original songs that showcase not only his songwriting and singing, but also his talent as an instrumentalist.

Raised by a musical family, Gilfillian grew up singing. He took up the electric guitar at 14 years old, kickstarting a fascination with classic rock and other sounds from an older generation. By the time college rolled around, Gilfillian was playing three-hour shows in a local cover band, performing songs by the Meters one minute and the Beatles the next. The gigs allowed him to explore the full range of his influences, but Gilfillian wanted to play his own music, too. With that in mind, he moved to Nashville, eager to chase down his own muse.

Released in May 2016, the self-titled Devon Gilfillian finds him stepping into the spotlight as a solo artist. He recorded the songs with a small group of friends and collaborators, tapping drummer Jonathan Smalt and slide guitarist Jesse Thompson as co-producers. Equal parts swampy, funky, and enthralling, the record finds Gilfillian planting one foot in the classic sound of his influences, with the other foot pointing somewhere new and uncharted. After all, he's no revivalist. No nostalgia act. No retro wannabe. Instead, Gilfillian is a classic artist for the modern age, discovering new life in soulful sounds that have been making people dance for decades.
A quintet whose members have been playing together about a quarter of their lives, LuxDeluxe steeps their music in classic rock waters and then adds a modern touch to create a near-perfect sound for just about anyone with ears. The Northampton based band makes catchy, straight-ahead rock'n'roll (with an emphasis on the roll) influenced by the likes of Wilco, The Rolling Stones, and most notably, the cult-favorite band NRBQ. Churning out high octane live shows that get the crowd sexy and sweaty, frontman Ned King performs with intensity and confidence. Flaunting like Bowie and shouting like Jagger, King creates a spectacle rarely seen since the hay-day of rock&roll. Supported by the incredible guitar work of Caleb Rosazza, the frantic, percussive clav of Gabe Bernini, and the perfectly locked in rhythm section of Jake Edwards and Jacob Rosazza, the band fires up like a rocket.

The group of three cousins and two friends released their second album, It's a Girl, last year and joined Deer Tick onstage in Brooklyn, NY to cover all of NRBQs 1980 album Tiddly Winks before playing a hometown New Years Eve show in which former NRBQ guitarist Big Al Anderson joined them in concert. 2017 awaits the release of their third album "Let's Do Lunch". Comprised completely of songs tracked on a Tascam Four Track Cassette Recorder with overdubs recorded at Spirithouse Records in Northampton, MA. "Let's Do Lunch" Puts the listener amongst the band during late night recording sessions, and at the heart of their influences.
Venue Information:
Gypsy Sally's
3401 K Street NW
Washington, DC, 20007