Kali & Ancestors in Training, VINYL LOUNGE – Tickets – Vinyl Lounge at Gypsy Sally’s – Washington, DC – July 21st, 2017

Kali & Ancestors in Training, VINYL LOUNGE

Gypsy Sally's Presents a FREE late nite show in our Vinyl Lounge!

Kali & Ancestors in Training


Fri, July 21, 2017

Doors: 5:30 pm / Show: 10:30 pm


This event is 21 and over

Kali & Ancestors in Training
Kali & Ancestors in Training
Kali Stoddard-Imari grew up in Lyndon Vermont playing around with poetry, hip hop and chorus until he picked up the guitar at 17. Although he was always routed in music, the guitar lead him through the music of the world, and gave him a better understanding. His passion grew as he fused his musical past with Americana, Island, and Folk, stripping him of a particular genre and transforming him into a singer songwriter.
After his daughter, Nia, was born in 2010, he moved with her and his wife Jennifer out of Vermont and into Boston in search of more people to spread music too. His second daughter, Asha born in 2012, his Family and positive experiences continued to inspire him and he began to make music into a career. "Music is love, Music is medicine, Music creates passion and passion creates music, and that gives me fullness. So much so that I hear in melody, move in rhythm, and think in rhyme. I have made it my never ending goal to move the body and minds of others by sharing my passion and love through music". Now working on a CD project, Kali hopes to bring more music to the world in 2014, and help the world grow and continue to add to his musical pallet.
Venue Information:
Vinyl Lounge at Gypsy Sally's
3401 K Street NW
Washington, DC, 20007