The Sweet Life, Kromanauts, and Disco Risque – Tickets – Gypsy Sally’s – Washington, DC – November 15th, 2019

The Sweet Life, Kromanauts, and Disco Risque
Gypsy Sally's Presents

The Sweet Life, Kromanauts, and Disco Risque

Ages 21+
Advance: $10.00 Day of Show: $10.00+fees

Disco Risque:

From the depths of rock n’ roll, funk and dance music Hell comes Disco Risqué. Formed in early 2014 in Charlottesville, Virginia, guitarist Charlie Murchie, drummer Robert Prescott and bassist John Bruner have spent their time together taking pieces of their souls, personalities and life experiences and manifesting them into notes and lyrics with one goal: To take over the world one sweaty, borderline psychotic music lover at a time. Since adding vocalist and trumpet player, Ryan Calonder, in early 2015 their music has taken on a warmth and soulful body that completes the sound they set out to achieve and a viciously captivating element to their live performances.

In the Fall of 2015 Disco Risqué released their debut self-titled double album recorded at The Sound Recording Studio in Charlottesville, Virginia. This ambitious release marks a milestone for the band and is, “The most important album to come out of Virginia in decades,” according to band manager Steve Lanza. The record pulls from influences all over the musical spectrum ranging from heavy metal riffs to espionage surfer tunes, catchy lyrical hooks, funky breaks and everything in-between.

The Sweet Life:

We The People is like a big, funky bowl of soup. They blend genres - mixing together different ingredients like funk-jam with a little jazzy salt and pepper, and a hint of spicy psychedelic, topped with a little dance party garnish (because it's all about presentation) to serve to you, the perfect combination for the best ear pleasing, rump shaking, head banging, foot stomping bowl of soup that you've ever had.


Life is a journey and along the way a unique soundtrack is crafted that pulses to the rhythms and beats along the way. The Kromanauts are on a quest to use music, the universal language of life, to bring healing, empowerment and hope into people's lives. Formed in Washington, DC in 2015, Kromanauts have a distinctly diasporic blend of reggae, hip-hop, funk and soul, this is Renegade Music! Take a journey through the chromasphere and explore the spectrum of colors, sounds and stories the Kromanauts are ready to share with you.

Leading the crew is frontman Kanjia Kroma, and like the Argonauts before them, the Kromanauts came to explore the realms of roots and culture. Kanjia and his family left Sierra Leone during the turbulent mid-1990's, and passed through Toronto and several American cities before calling Washington, DC home. Among his influences are an older brother who had his own band, as well as the pulsating drums, melodic singing, and dancing of Sierra Leone. His music is a celebration of life, and through music Kanjia has found that anything is possible, just stay positive and believe in yourself.

The backbone of the Kromanauts band is drummer Matt Rehfuss and Bassist Kush Amir, two veterans of the DMV music scene who have been friends and bandmates for decades. Joining up with frontman Kanjia, who can sing, chant or rap the group was formed and together a special energy began to grow. Kromanauts are exploring a wide spectrum of sounds, with an array of influences spread across the Atlantic world. Their music is a journal of their adventures, experiences and encounters along the way, both good and bad.

The Kromanauts are just getting started, so pay careful attention for more new releases, singles and remixes coming down the road. They have already collaborated with Kool Keith of the Ultramagnetic MCs and look forward to working with more legendary artists. In the meantime be sure to catch their unique blend of tropical soul live at a show, you will find their positivity and good vibes infectious and uplifting.

Venue Information:
Gypsy Sally's
3401 K Street NW
Washington, DC, 20007