Live Dead ’69 w/ Great Northern – Tickets – Gypsy Sally’s – Washington, DC – November 6th, 2019

Live Dead '69 w/ Great Northern
Gypsy Sally's Presents

Live Dead '69 w/ Great Northern

Ages 21+
Live Dead '69 is members of The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Ratdog, and more, playing The Grateful Dead's 1969 Woodstock set.


LIVE DEAD ‘69 has acquired a stellar, heady reputation, first performing the classic “Live Dead” (recorded in 1969) in its entirety; then, applying Grateful Dead’s zeitgeist of extemporization and interpretive improvisation beyond an ever expanding repertoire, much of which is created entirely ‘in the moment’ – without rehearsal or traditional ‘preparation.’ They will perform and elaborate upon, Grateful Dead’s Woodstock set.An additional set with will rotate extensive, exquisite selections from Grateful Dead’s halcyonrepertoires of psychedelic originals, cherished covers and & improvisations


Great Northern (Out of D.C.) performs songs from all eras of the Grateful Dead's rich history including both acoustic and electric arrangements of the material. What started as a group of regular attendees of a local Grateful Dead open jam quickly manifested into a serious project. It was clear from the beginning that each member brings a unique strength while perfectly complimenting each other. Great Northern is the perfect outlet for us to enjoy playing the music we are so passionate about.

Venue Information:
Gypsy Sally's
3401 K Street NW
Washington, DC, 20007