Goodnight, Texas – Tickets – Gypsy Sally’s – Washington, DC – November 21st, 2019

Goodnight, Texas
Gypsy Sally's Presents

Goodnight, Texas

Ages 21+
Goodnight, Texas: Folk / Appalachian / Garage

Goodnight, Texas got a post office in 1888. Some time later, Patrick Dyer Wolf and Avi Vinocur came across each other out in San Francisco and took to learning each other's melodies. Young Avi came from people with deep roots in the skinny part of Maryland. Young Patrick was out west to seek thrills but after a year or two he went east to find fortune and love in the Carolinas. Before he left, they put some songs to tape, and kept in touch.

Venue Information:
Gypsy Sally's
3401 K Street NW
Washington, DC, 20007