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For a description of our Technical Specs, please click here:  GYPSY SALLY’S TECHNICAL SPECS 2018

If a band that you represent wishes to play at Gypsy Sally’s, feel free to send an inquiry to  I

Gypsy Sally’s is committed to promoting local and regional music.   Our venue size determines what national, regional and local acts get to play at Gypsy Sally’s.

How can you play at Gypsy Sally’s?  Look at your local fan base.  If you don’t think you can sell 50 tickets, then we encourage you to play at our Open Mic Night on Tuesday nights in our Vinyl Lounge.

If you think you can sell over 50 tickets, then send your press kit (including a demo CD) to  We must receive your demo CD in order to be considered for our Music Room.  We just can’t process all requests without being able to listen to your work.

If you want to headline in our Music Room, you need to draw at least 175-200 people.  A draw of less than 150 could allow you to be an opener.  Most of our national acts travel with an opener or have approval rights over an opener so our opening slots are limited.  If you think your band could be an opener at Gypsy Sally’s, you need to be able to promote the show yourself.  You can do that through social media, posters, email blasts.  You can even pick up pre-sale tickets and sell them to your friends and family.  If you want to play here, and we’d love to have you, then it’s up to you to make it happen.


We have a large green room with beautiful views of the Potomac River.  The green room has a private bath, shower, ice, AC and WiFi.  We do not have a production office.   We have a fantastic in-house restaurant and provide flatbread pizzas to our performers.  We offer a wide selection of carnivorous, vegetarian and vegan flatbreads to appease most anyone’s dietary needs.

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